Diamond Ranch Academy was featured on Fox 13 Salt Lake City in a segment called Uniquely Utah. The author, Todd Tanner, says, “As for Uniquely Utah segments, the video typically tells the most of story, but never all of it. So, I sometimes use the online version of the story to give more information, sometimes from a personal perspective.” Here is what Tanner had to say about DRA:

What I can tell you is the setting is beautiful, all the buildings are top-notch (not just the athletic facilities), and based on my limited snooping, it’s a place where people seem pretty happy. …

With that in mind, here’s a bit more about the people in the story, particularly the young men. Robbie and Ricky seemed swell, but coaches and administrators get used to doing interviews so in some regards they’re not as interesting or revealing. But Saxon, Charles and River are the real deal. They’re the living breathing results of their experience. I know a bit about what brought each of them to Diamond Ranch, but that’s all irrelevant now. They’re the good guys.