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Troubled Teen Therapy


Every wall is a door. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

By the time most students enroll at Diamond Ranch, they have been through months or even years of outpatient therapy. We are trusted because we take a unique approach to therapy that reduces defensiveness and encourages trust and respect. While we are licensed as a residential treatment center, the atmosphere of our campus is very different from what you or your child might expect, and the facility is world-class.

All too often, adolescents needing treatment end up in a hospital-like facility, leaving them feeling broken and in despair. At Diamond Ranch, we believe that the best treatment is administered in an environment that closely mirrors real life. Hence, the Real Life Transition Program.

Students at Diamond Ranch engage in normal activities, such as sports, performing arts, fine arts, clubs, etc. Our campus supports this in a way that no other school does, not even most boarding schools.

Our awesome campus includes:

  • Full turf football field
  • Full turf baseball field
  • Weight room
  • Hair Salon
  • Italian Bistro style cafeteria
  • Full equestrian arena
  • Skate park
  • Art studio
  • Full drama theater and stage

Our Focus is on Therapy

Newly enrolled students quickly learn that therapy is different at Diamond Ranch, and they engage in the process and open themselves up to the possibilities of change. Your child will be assigned an individual therapist to guide the treatment process. Our highly skilled therapists are adept at understanding teenage behavior and will build a trusting relationship with your child.

Your child will receive individual, group, and family therapy, individualized to their needs. Through our therapy, students learn to take accountability for their choices and work through emotional and behavioral challenges. All of our master’s and doctoral-level therapists are licensed mental health professionals. They have years of training and experience in working with adolescents. We hire the best therapists and pride ourselves in our excellent clinical team. We use research-based therapy models in working with the students. We continually research cutting-edge practices in therapy to provide our students with the best therapy available.

Some of the models of therapy we use include: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Dialectical Behavior (DBT), Experiential, Narrative, Rational Emotive Behavior (REBT), Motivational Interviewing, Structural Family Therapy, Smart Recovery 12-Step Addiction for Teens, Art Therapy, EAGALA Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Diamond Ranch is accredited by the Joint Commission to offer immersive therapy for troubled teens, helping them get their lives back on track and teaching them essential life skills.

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We can also help you in your search for other girls boarding schools, schools for troubled teens, religious boarding schools, homes for troubled boys, or residential ranch school. Diamond Ranch Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers, offering teen counseling for teens with adoption issues (reactive attachment disorders), or self-harm (self-mutilation), or cutting, or eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, anorexia nervosa). Other behavioral issues and disorders we deal with include: defiance, depression, post traumatic stress, abuse, and general anxiety. If you have an out of control teenager, please consideer the teen counseling and teen counselors for troubled teens here at DRA. If you are searching for residential treatment centers for teens, troubled teen schools, or troubled teen therapeutic boarding schools, you have found one. The non-religious therapeutic residential school for troubled teens serves at-risk teens from California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Minnesota, Utah, Washington State, Idaho, and from throughout America and Internationally.

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Diamond Ranch Academy is a residential treatment center for teens. Our team of therapists offer behavioral therapy and disorder treatment to teens.