Therapeutic Boarding Schools in California

Diamond Ranch Academy: A Gorgeous Alternative to Boarding Schools in California

When you’re considering behavioral boarding schools to send your teen to, one of the most important factors in your decision should be the students’ physical surroundings, as environment and the ability to experience physical activity in nature can have a direct impact on students’ likelihood to flourish.

Gorgeous skies, breathtaking trails, fresh air, magnificent rivers, rushing waterfalls, and monumental canyons in southern Utah make Diamond Ranch Academy a favorite of students from around the country.

With immersive outdoor programs coupled with the highest standards in college preparatory education, there is absolutely no comparison to therapeutic boarding schools in California when it comes to the awe-inspiring beauty surrounding Diamond Ranch Academy.

The stunning scenery is just one stand-out feature that makes Diamond Ranch Academy the preferred choice of parents who thought California boarding schools were the only option. From experiential learning to personalized therapy methods, Diamond Ranch Academy is built with lifetime student success in mind and works with parents to ensure a bright future for their teens.

If you’re looking at military boarding schools in California or beyond, learn why with six treatment programs on a sprawling 55-acre campus, there is plenty at Diamond Ranch Academy to ensure the success of every teen who needs therapeutic help.

Exemplary Education

At Diamond Ranch Academy, our curriculum is uniquely designed to be age and gender appropriate and provide the best opportunity for our students to thrive inside and outside of the classroom. All our instructors meet strict licensing requirements from the Utah State Office of Education and the Northwest Association Accreditation to provide students with the best education that will propel them to successful college careers and adult life.

Our courses are aligned with Utah State Core Curriculum, ensuring students are on track to achieve competitive academic gains on a global level.

Our focus on education includes:

  • Low teacher-to-student ratios, giving your teen personalized attention that allows teachers to best help them excel.
  • Gender- and age-specific classrooms, allowing students to learn in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.
  • Up-to-date curriculum, which evolves with state and national standards to equip students to stand out among peers.
  • Technological aids, including iPad integration, to ensure students are adept at using the latest tools in the classroom and in work settings.
  • A constantly evolving library, with a wide selection of books, a quiet study area, and private tutoring available.
  • Special education, tailored to students’ individualized education plans.

Our spacious classrooms and expert instructors help make school something Diamond Ranch Academy students look forward to, a meaningful experience that lasts once they leave campus.

Diverse Extracurricular Opportunities

The philosophy at Diamond Ranch Academy includes an emphasis on giving students the opportunity to experience life skills while bonding with their classmates in endeavors related to athletics, art, theater, cooking, speech and debate, and more.

With experts who have led their fields helping students expand their horizons outside the classroom, there are so many stimulating avenues to explore:

  • Athletics in state-of-the-art facilities, including football, soccer, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, track, baseball, softball, kickball, Wiffle ball, basketball, dodgeball, indoor soccer, and more.
  • Wood shop, where students can make jewelry boxes, clocks, skateboards, cabinets, skim boards, cafeteria booths, desks, tables, school hall benches, leatherwork, chess boards and pieces, and more.
  • Peer relationship-building events, including movies under the stars, relay races, laser tag, and summer and Halloween bashes.
  • Music, theater, and game clubs, where students can learn instruments, create productions, and play in friendly competitions.
  • An equestrian center, which features a 4-H Club, livestock auction preparation, horseback riding, and small-animal care.
  • Art facilities, including easels, a drafting table, pottery wheels, pottery kilns, and a dedicated gallery space.

Personalized Therapy

No matter what challenges your teen is experiencing, the staff at Diamond Ranch Academy is equipped to work both on individual levels and with families to optimize emotional development. All Diamond Ranch Academy doctorate- and master’s-level therapists are professionally licensed with the State of Utah as mental health professionals.

Your troubled teen will learn skills for emotional regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness in a beautiful setting that helps them embrace the role of therapy.

How Can Diamond Ranch Academy Help Your Family?

We know how important family involvement is in student success. Diamond Ranch Academy offers a Family Visitor Center for therapy groups, orientation, campus tours, parent visit curriculum, and substance abuse meetings. We also offer free seminars and workshops for parents, including a monthly Parent 101 workshop for parents of newly admitted students.

We’re here to help and would love to have you schedule a visit to tour our campus. To learn more about how lives are changed at Diamond Ranch Academy, head here for a free information packet, or give us a call at 877-969-1868 today.