Residential Therapeutic Schools

Considering Teen Residential Therapeutic Schools? Try Us

All parents of teenagers have experienced a moment when he or she felt completely overwhelmed. For some parents, feeling overwhelmed seems like a way of life.

We’re here to help.

Parents who look at therapeutic boarding schools share one goal in common: making sure their child’s short-term choices don’t have lifelong negative consequences. Diamond Ranch Academy is a therapeutic boarding school dedicated to healing families, one youth at a time.

Can Diamond Ranch Help My Child?

The teens at our school come from many kinds of families, and they face many different challenges. If you’re seeing some of these behaviors in your child, he or she might be a good candidate for a therapeutic boarding school:

Poor Academic Performance

Some teens struggle with poor grades not because they can’t do the work, but because they’re not motivated to succeed at school. Something’s getting in the way, whether it’s negative peer pressure or a mental health challenge, like depression or anxiety.

Worrisome Behaviors

Adolescence is an emotional and volatile time, and some teens can’t seem to develop a healthy perspective. They engage in self-harm, or they become aggressive toward family and peers. They might struggle with substance abuse or even criminal activities that cause parents to fear for themselves and their other children’s safety.

Endless Battles

Many teens assert their independence by disagreeing with their parents, but some become defiant and verbally or physically abusive. Others completely withdraw, becoming inactive and non-responsive. They expect everything to be handed to them, and they’re unwilling to work to earn privileges or financial rewards.

A teen in trouble doesn’t just harm himself or herself. Their behaviors have consequences for the entire family. Diamond Ranch Academy’s therapeutic boarding school is a place for teens to overcome their challenges within a safe and highly structured environment.

Preparing Teens for Real Life

As a parent, you’re doing your best to prepare your teenager to live in the real world. You understand the challenges facing young adults, and you want your child to have the tools to succeed.

Some teenagers completely shut their parents out. They don’t connect with role models that motivate them to succeed. They don’t know what it’s like to be part of a connected team that works together toward a common goal.

At Diamond Ranch Academy, we offer challenging academics and activities to help your teenager discover his or her strengths. By forming friendships with other teens and working with adults they respect, even the most defiant or seemingly lazy teens discover the meaning of teamwork and accomplishment.


Unlike many therapeutic boarding schools, Diamond Ranch Academy offers a wide range of challenging and motivating athletic options. Both boys and girls enjoy competitive sports, such as football and volleyball. They play in state-of-the-art facilities and compete with nearby schools.


For students interested in music, visual arts, and performing arts, Diamond Ranch offers opportunities to explore these strengths. The arts can offer a tremendous therapeutic outlet as well as a safe mode for self-expression.

Equine Therapy

In addition to being one of the country’s top residential therapeutic schools, Diamond Ranch Academy is also a working ranch. In addition to doing hard physical work around the ranch, students can learn to ride and care for horses.

Real Life Transition

At Diamond Ranch Academy, students must work to earn every privilege or purchase that’s available. Our exclusively designed Real-Life Transition program instills a strong work ethic, teaches teens to manage finances, and shows them the real-world benefits of academic achievement and perseverance.

Beautiful Landscapes

Nestled in the mountains of Utah, our facilities are surrounded by a breathtaking landscape that promotes healing, contemplation, and connection with nature. Your teen can get away from the hubbub of life back home and enjoy peaceful, expansive surroundings.

Solutions and Support

In addition to providing structured activities and accredited academics, the Diamond Ranch Academy therapeutic boarding school has a staff of trained and licensed therapists. Students benefit from both individual and group therapy sessions, and they’re free to reach out to a therapist at any time.

Our staff has the training and experience to handle a wide range of behaviors. If your teen is showing concerning behaviors, including physical aggression or suicidal ideation, our staff will monitor and support your child, using effective interventions to bring healing and increase their self-worth.

Get Help Now

Many parents of troubled teens feel as though they’ve failed. They feel exhausted, dejected, and alone. Diamond Ranch Academy exists because you’re not alone. We want to give your family and others the tools to renew strained and shattered relationships.

It’s hard to admit that you need help, but admitting the truth is the first step to finding peace. We’re committed to helping families that are hurting find healing, safety, connectedness, and reconciliation. Schedule a visit with Diamond Ranch Academy now. Contact us or sign up to receive a no obligation brochure.