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Therapeutic Boarding School Troubled Teens Florida

America’s leading teen therapeutic boarding school since 1999.

The Best Alternative to Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in Florida

If you’re a parent with a troubled teen and have been searching for therapeutic boarding schools in Florida, Diamond Ranch Academy is a gorgeous alternative in southern Utah that provides your child with the splendor of Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.

These awe-inspiring views are unmatched anywhere in the country, and students at Diamond Ranch Academy get to experience them through physical activities like hiking, biking, and exploring. For those who have never been exposed to the magnificence of Southwestern natural wonders like these, experiencing Utah can be a transformative experience that greatly influences future success.

With six treatment programs on an expansive 55-acre campus, Diamond Ranch Academy is located in a breathtaking setting surrounded by majestic mountains, peaceful streams and lakes, and vast desert — but that’s not the only way we stand out. Nationally regarded as offering the best in both educational and restorative settings for our students, there are myriad ways Diamond Ranch Academy is often chosen over therapeutic boarding schools in Florida

College Preparatory Curriculum

At Diamond Ranch Academy, we give our students the best education possible by offering low teacher-to-student ratios in gender- and age-specific spacious classrooms to cultivate optimal learning environments. With updated curriculum, current textbooks, iPad integration, and more resources than those typical public schools offer, students at Diamond Ranch Academy receive education with the highest standards to help them get into and succeed at the colleges they desire.

All teachers at Diamond Ranch Academy meet strict licensing requirements from the Utah State Office of Education and Northwest Association Accreditation, and all courses follow Utah State Core Curriculum. Instructors work with students to devise academic goal setting, helping to keep them motivated as they learn. Diamond Ranch Academy also offers special education that aligns with students’ individualized education plans.

Diamond Ranch Academy students have been accepted to over 100 universities and colleges throughout the country and have qualified for scholarships at more than 60 schools, including Stanford, New York University, and Texas Christian University. Whatever your teen’s goals, we’ll work with them to help them realize their dreams.

Top-Notch Therapy

Educational success can only come with the right behavior, which is why personalized therapy is prioritized at Diamond Ranch Academy. Our staff includes doctorate and masters level therapists who are professionally licensed. Team members specialize in working with the very unique needs of teenagers and give focused attention to each student to help them thrive in school and into adulthood.

Methods include individual, group, and family therapy, as well as substance abuse meetings and equestrian treatment. In a supportive setting, students learn the skills they need to develop strong interpersonal relationships and successfully regulate emotions, tolerate distress, and demonstrate mindfulness in any setting.

Personal Development

We believe at Diamond Ranch Academy that education extends beyond the classroom, occurring during social activities and when students have the chance to explore hobbies, as well. We feature nationally recognized, state-of-the-art facilities to allow for athletic participation, artistic development, wood working, group fitness classes, kitchen management, theater performances, video production, and more.

Because optimal health is such a vital factor in maximizing potential, physical activity is prioritized throughout daily life at Diamond Ranch Academy. Students can look forward to field trips in nature to experience southern Utah’s geology, which they can capture in shots through photography club or in hiking club that takes students to rivers, waterfalls, dormant and extinct volcanoes, and other incredible sights. Whatever your teen is interested in pursuing, there’s a way to learn outside classroom walls at Diamond Ranch Academy.

Emphasis on Work Ethic

Students at Diamond Ranch Academy are equipped to transition to life after graduating by learning through experiential living. Diamond Ranch Academy students receive a personalized debit card that allows them to earn credit for purchases by fostering a work ethic through responsibilities including hygiene, laundry, clothing inventory, and maintaining living areas.

The Diamond Ranch Academy philosophy is based on a work hard/play hard mentality, where students are encouraged to practice living real life skills in a safe environment that’s rich with opportunities to learn and earn.

Parental Involvement

Parents are an indispensable component of student success, and the staff at Diamond Ranch Academy, from teachers to therapists, works with parents to solidify them as partners in their teens’ growth. We offer free seminars and workshops for parents, including a monthly Parent 101 workshop for parents of newly admitted students, so they can better navigate their troubled teen’s development.

We know how important your teen’s future is, which is why there is financing help available for those interested in Diamond Ranch Academy. We are very selective in those students who are accepted and only enroll students we think we can help. We’re happy to refer students who aren’t a perfect fit to appropriate professionals.

Learn More Now

If you’d like to receive information on how Diamond Ranch Academy can help put your teen on the path to a bright future, you can schedule a visit to our campus, or give us a call at 877-707-0924. Receive a free information packet by heading here. We can’t wait to help you and your family achieve the happiness and peace you deserve. So choose us as a superior alternative to boarding schools for troubled youth in Florida.

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Therapeutic Boarding School Troubled Teens Florida

Instead of Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Florida, try Diamond Ranch Academy; six treatment programs on a pristine 55-acre campus in Hurricane, Utah.