Ruth Anna Terry


Snow College – Associates of Arts Degree specializing in teaching second and foreign language
Granger High School

Work Experience

Program Director; Diamond Ranch Academy
Asst. Program Director; Diamond Ranch Academy
Asst. Manager Tuacahn Gift Gallery


Fine Art
Self Improvement
Puzzles and Games
Camping and Travel

Comments on DRA

One of my favorite hobbies is painting fine art. When painting, I apply layer upon layer of paint gradually getting closer to the final masterpiece. As individuals, our learning and growth goes through a very similar process. We work layer upon layer, making little adjustments here or big changes there as we grow closer to our potential.
As a mother of nine children of my own, I have been homeschooling my own children for over 19 years. Much of my life has been spent nurturing children and youth. I love watching and guiding the learning experience.
When I began working at DRA, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the principles being taught in the Character Curriculum were the same core principles I have been teaching my children throughout their lives. These principles of love, humility, integrity, respect, service, empathy, work, and education have helped them become well adjusted and happy individuals.
I love the principles taught at DRA and know they have the power to inspire and affect change in those who learn and apply them. As a program director, I strive to inspire the students I work with to seek a better life, learn how to have strong and healthy relationships, and find joy through serving others.