Reeve Knighton, M. Ed.


Master’s of Education, Southern Utah University, 2011, Administrative/Supervisory Emphasis
Bachelor of Science, Southern Utah University, 2003, Social Science Composite, Endorsements for Social Studies 6−12, Special Education K−12

Work Experience

Diamond Ranch Academy, March 2006-present, Special Education Teacher and Administrator
Diamond Ranch Academy, December 2003−March 2006, Social Studies Teacher and Program Director
Washington County School District, January 2001−May 2002, Special Education Teacher Assistant


I am a happily married husband to a beautiful Southern Utah girl and father to a young and growing family.
I enjoy reading, playing with my kids, acquiring new skills, and spending time in the outdoors.
I once traveled across the United States visiting historical sites, covering 6000 miles in 11 days in a little green Ford Ranger.

Comments on DRA

My name is Reeve Knighton. I have been employed as an educator at Diamond Ranch Academy since 2003. I have a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Special Education with endorsements in Social Sciences, Special Education, and Administration. It has been a privilege to be associated with a place that has its heart in the right place. I have found the philosophy and belief systems of Diamond Ranch Academy to be sound and true. And more importantly, I have found that everyone here operates out of clean motives and wants what is best for students and their families.

I am grateful for the chance to work with the population of students regarded as special education. The task presents unique challenges. But in my interactions with youth, I have found that every child is an amazing spirit beneath an outer shell of trouble, challenge, behavior, and trial. As students learn to take ownership for themselves, the outer shell falls away and they become more successful as students in the classroom and as participants in society.

I have devoted my entire professional life to working with students with special needs. I am thrilled to be an ongoing part of a phenomenal team of service providers at Diamond Ranch Academy. Personally, my family is my most valuable possession. I try to instill in my own children the importance of getting a quality education, and that everyone’s learning looks different.