Michelle Swenson


Bachelor’s of Science in Education; Exceptional Education, mild/moderate @ Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY
Master’s of Science in Education; Special Education, mild/moderate @ CSUDH, Carson, CA

Work Experience

My passion for working with students was sparked when I was fifteen years old and had the opportunity to work at a camp with persons with special needs. I instantly fell in love with the field of special education and began a lifelong career in it.

I have had the privilege of teaching in the field I am most passionate about, Special Education since 1998 when I formally began teaching a 1st through 3rd grade class in Garden Grove, CA. Since then, I have taught every age group from kindergarten through middle school in a public school setting, college-aged students at State University of Utah in Cedar City, UT and now high school-aged students at Diamond Ranch Academy.


I enjoy teaching and participating in Bible Studies for kids of all ages. I lead and sing with a worship team of talented musicians at a local church and assist in planning outreach activities for children and youth in our local community. I also enjoy time with my family; husband and 3 children. We enjoy traveling to visit family all over the country.

Comments on DRA

This is my first experience working in a private residential program and working with high school aged students, I have to say, it may be my favorite! One of the students asked me recently, “Michelle, why do you wake up every morning to come here to work, then you sit with students all day to help? I don’t understand.” I replied,”Someone made an investment in my life and future a long time ago and I look forward everyday to doing the same for all of you.” It is truly a joy to be a part of each one of these student’s lives in the few hours a week we get together. I have complete confidence that every one of them will be amazing in their future endeavors from what they learn at DRA.