Residential Treatment Center For Teens

Diamond Ranch Academy: A Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Teens

Sometimes, teens face challenges that are just too big for parents to handle. Our residential treatment center for teens offers therapeutic interventions in a structured, rigorous boarding school environment.

Unlike youth residential treatment centers offering help in a hospital setting, Diamond Ranch Academy offers treatment to students surrounded by fresh air and wide-open spaces. Through counseling and good, old-fashioned hard work, we give troubled teens the chance to become healthy, productive adults. With support from our trained staff and licensed therapists, troubled teens regain self-mastery, self-discipline, and self-esteem.

Is a Therapeutic Residential Treatment Center Right for Your Teen?

Many parents choose youth residential treatment centers because they’re afraid, not only for their troubled teen but also for themselves and other household members. If your home has become unsafe because of your troubled teen, residential treatment can provide a much-needed reprieve for everyone under your roof.

It’s common to feel guilty for sending a troubled teen to a residential facility. Parents feel like they’ve abandoned their teens, or they feel like they should have handled everything on their own. When your teen is facing a serious crisis, such as criminal behavior, substance abuse, or suicidal ideation, seeking residential treatment is one of the smartest, most loving choices a parent can make.

From Self-Destructiveness to Self-Worth

Many parents feel confused, frustrated, and desperate when faced with their teen’s troubling behavior. They’re ashamed to tell friends and family because they assume they’ll be labeled as “bad” or “inadequate” parents.

In the media, troubled teens are portrayed as victims of uninterested parents and wildly dysfunctional households. Although some teens act out because of real problems at home, many troubled teens come from loving, stable families — just like yours.

The Diamond Ranch Academy residential treatment center for teens has trained therapists, faculty, and staff that work exclusively with troubled teens. We get to the root of troubling behaviors, and we help wounded families heal damaged relationships. Our teen residential treatment center can address:

  • Self-harm. Troubled teens hurt themselves in many ways, from academic self-destruction to physical self-harm. We’ll help your child find coping tools to replace self-harm with renewed feelings of self-worth.
  • Depression. Ongoing depression often causes teens to seek escapism instead of choosing beneficial daily activities. With help from Diamond Ranch, teens learn to choose activities that provide both pleasure and a sense of mastery, which gives them real and lasting hope for the future.
  • Anger. Some teens lash out verbally or even physically against their parents, siblings, and friends. Using Positive Control Systems, our staff will help teens regain control of their emotions, using anger as a tool for self-understanding instead of lashing out at the people they love.
  • Lack of motivation. Feeling bewildered about how to motivate your teen? Diamond Ranch Academy can help. Through our academics, athletics, vocational training, and arts programs, we’ll help your teens discover new ways to excel and motivate themselves to greatness.
  • Negative peer pressure. Many teens fall in with the wrong crowd, and negative influences lead to poor choices. We help teens fill their natural need for connection and belonging in ways that help instead of hurt.

Academics, Support, and So Much More

The Diamond Ranch Academy boarding school features six state-of-the-art buildings on 55 acres in scenic Hurricane, Utah. In addition to offering accredited academic credits that can transfer to high schools and colleges around the country, we offer boys and girls athletics, performing arts, fine arts, and 4-H activities.

On our ranch, teens learn discipline and the rewards of hard work. Through our Real Life Transition program, they earn increasing privileges and gain independence only when they’ve completed tasks, followed guidelines, and demonstrated trustworthiness.

Teens receive one-on-one counseling from therapists at Diamond Ranch Academy, but they also connect with peers to accomplish goals as a team. Youth who recover through our teen residential treatment center often maintain long-term, supportive, and satisfying friendships with their fellow students.

Take Control Today

It’s easy to think you’ll discover solutions for your teen in crisis if you just wait a little longer. Unfortunately, when families don’t admit they need help, they risk consequences that will haunt everyone for years to come.

Put your family on the road to healing by requesting your free information packet today. Our residential treatment center for teens is committed to healing families, one youth at a time.