Many of the girls have been doing awesome in school, so they were chosen to participate in an outing to beautiful Pine Valley. After breakfast, the girls changed their clothes and got on the road. Gary Ferguson brought a fun game called Kubb, which is a Swedish lawn game. Wooden blocks are set up on two sides of the game area and players take turns trying to knock over the opposing team’s blocks. Katelyn was a rock star at this game. She won every game she played! It was fun to play and to get to know a game from a different culture!

Then the girls went on a hike around the lake and explored through some of the high grass. And they had a great time walking around and discovering the beautiful nature around them! A couple of girls in the group were from Colorado and Pennsylvania, and they kept saying how it reminded them of home!

After the hike, the girls had a BBQ and played more games. Then everyone walked down to the lake to take more group pictures.

On the way back, Kade made a stop at Veyo Pies and treated the girls to the famous Volcano pie, as well as the sour cream lemon pie. Both were divine and the girls were in heaven! The girls had a great time together, and a lot of them said that it was their most favorite outing!

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