Narrows Boys Hike

Some of the boys, along with several faculty and staff members, went to Zion National Park for a weekend activity. After arriving at the park, the group took about a 30-minute bus ride to the trailhead for the Narrows hike. During the bus ride, the boys had a great time spotting deer, squirrels, and other scenery. The boys could not wait to get in the water, so the group made a stop to swim before starting the Narrows hike.

The hike was incredible! The group hiked through the water in a canyon – taking stops to swim and jump off of rocks into the water.  The entire Narrows hike can take about 2 days, so the boys did not finish the whole thing. But they did come back a couple of hours later than planned because everyone was having such a good time.

The group stopped by McDonald’s, on the way back, to pick up a called-in mass order of burgers and fries for 2 vans full of hungry people and then headed back to campus for the rest of the evening. Several faculty and staff members commented on how impressed they were with the way our students handled themselves for the entire trip, and how many “thank yous” they heard.

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