Is DRA Right for you?

Before you begin the application process, there are several factors that will help determine if DRA is right for your child.

  1. Average length of stay is 12 months
  2. Monthly rates from $9,000-$13,000 and is typically private pay*

*contact an admission counselor to discuss payment options.

Are you able to commit to this?

Application Process

  1. Fill out free info packet form
  2. Phone consultation on if DRA is right for you
  3. Fill out online application form
  4. 24 hour application review and acceptance

First, we work together to determine whether or not Diamond Ranch Academy is a good fit for your son or daughter. We are very selective in the students we admit to our school in order to ensure they have a great experience, as well as the best likelihood for success after returning home or going on to college.

We only accept students we strongly believe we can help. If your child’s needs are beyond our scope of expertise, we will refer you to the appropriate professionals. Please feel free to contact us anytime as you go through the website or as you complete the application – we’re here to help.

Diamond Ranch Academy isn’t for everyone; not everyone who applies is accepted. We only accept students we strongly believe we can help.

Admissions Counselors

Admissions Counselors can be reached Toll Free at: 1.877.978.3505

Ready to Enroll?