Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

The theme for the most recent Therapy Day at Diamond Ranch Academy was “Service”.  And a group of our students had the opportunity to serve in the community volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah.
We received the following email from a homeowner in the neighborhood where students from DRA were volunteering that day:
“Hi there! … Thank you so much for the volunteer crew that worked my street over last week with Habitat for Humanity.  Everything looks so much better! … I wanted to tell you, I’ve served with Habitat for about 12 years and dealt with a lot of volunteer groups in that capacity and the crew from Diamond Ranch was very impressive.  They worked harder and longer than most and they were so very polite and respectful of my home and my neighbors’ properties.  Each and every one of them sincerely thanked me for snacks and sodas and each young man that asked to use my restroom thought to take his shoes off at my front door without being asked.  It’s a little thing, but the consistency of good manners was stunning.  I appreciate their great spirits and the improvement made to my neighborhood and want to commend them and Diamond Ranch Academy for good citizenship.  It’s a lovely thing in today’s world.”