The Diamond Ranch Academy Diamondback Football team played an away game in Montezuma Creek, Utah on September 5th against the White Horse High School Raiders.

The Diamondbacks came out on top due to some of their bigger plays, which included carries and passes for more than 30 yards. Cody Wardle, Offensive Coordinator, says, “One play in particular that stands out was a punt returned by one of our younger players, Nick. He has shown improvements over the last two games especially in the area of being coachable and playing until the whistle.” Nick was able to return a punt and made four or five guys miss on his way to scoring. “It was…very exciting as a coach to see him step into that role and come up big.”

While the Diamondbacks were able to win their game, they also used the opportunity to develop their young players. This road trip was the longest the team had ever taken and became a great chance for the team to laugh and bond together.

Defensive Coordinator, Jerome Eason stated, “Every week we continue to get better as players gain a better understanding of our philosophy and improving on the fundamentals of the game.”

Those football fundamentals led the Diamondbacks to score touchdowns with six different players. Due to the team being young, part of their work each week is in fostering trust and team chemistry. Continued Eason, “We are very optimistic and look forward to improving each and everyday.”

The Diamond Ranch Academy Diamondbacks won their game 66-22.

The game film is in two parts: Click here to watch Part 1 and click here to watch Part 2.