What’s Cooking in DRA’s Kitchen

Students of Diamond Ranch Academy have the unique and fun opportunity to engage in hands-on learning in DRA’s Kitchen. Our students help out daily with all aspects of the kitchen. The Diamond Ranch students are taught how to prep and cook a variety of meals. They are taught recipes for several dishes. Students taste and create food, ultimately helping develop some of our menu items.

In addition to cooking and tasting, the kids at Diamond Ranch Academy help with cleaning – including dishes, mopping, sanitizing, and operating the dishwasher machine. Students are not allowed to handle knives, certain cleaning chemicals, or remove hot items from the oven for their safety.

Our goal is to help our DRA kids develop a strong work ethic. Each student at DRA is given small tasks for which he or she is responsible. It is his or her job to complete these small tasks in a manner that would pass a state health inspection. All are trained and supervised by kitchen staff. These skills will establish a foundation for a resume that in return could assist them in future schooling and employment ventures.

Some of the benefits for Diamond Ranch Academy kids who help in the kitchen include a variety of baked goods, ice cream sundaes, root beer floats, homemade pizzas, and themed food events.  Life skills taught at Diamond Ranch, like the ones in the kitchen will benefit their futures, being able to prepare healthy meals for their families or even starting their very own restaurant.