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Searching for Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls? We Can Help

therapeutic school for girlsIf you’re researching boarding schools for troubled girls, you’re probably the parent of a teen in crisis. Diamond Ranch Academy specializes in helping girls just like yours.

Many schools for troubled teen girls advertise boot camps as an answer. Academics, proven therapies, and cultivating teen interests take a back seat to hard labor. At Diamond Ranch, we take a more common-sense, whole-person approach to providing help for teen girls. We prepare kids in crisis to launch into adulthood academically, emotionally, and socially.

Teenage Retirement

Many parents worry that their teenage daughter lacks the motivation to work hard. They see their teen as a girl without goals who cannot focus on the things that will make her successful. At Diamond Ranch, we call this sense of entitlement “teenage retirement.” Teens act as though they should enjoy all the fruits of hard work — without doing any of the work.

Many therapeutic boarding schools for girls dig into only the “what” of teenage retirement — the aversion to hard work. At Diamond Ranch, we explore the “why” that keeps teen girls from believing in themselves. We teach our students valuable skills and allow them to explore many different interests. We don’t just tell girls to believe in themselves; we give them a reason to feel confident.

Study Skills

therapeutic school for girlsMany teen girls that seem uninterested in school are hiding their academic struggles. Looking uninterested in education seems easier that admitting they’re having problems with their schoolwork.

Diamond Ranch offers accredited academics in classrooms with a low teacher-to-student ratio. Students receive individual attention from our highly qualified and caring teachers. They learn the academic information they need to know and how to develop successful study habits and self-discipline. Because not all study methods work for every teen girl, we help each student develop individualized approaches to studying. Unlike many boarding schools for troubled girls, we make it safe for teens to be honest about their academic struggles.

Work Ethic

Some boarding schools believe sweat and hard work, like magic, will transform troubled teens into well-behaved all-stars. At Diamond Ranch Academy, an honest work ethic happens when teen girls learn to think more about others and less about themselves.

Girls work hard at Diamond Ranch, completing chores both in the dorm and around the grounds. They work as part of a team, performing chores to care for the academy and their fellow students. Our students see results from their hard work and framework as a way to help others and themselves. Too many teens focus on “what’s in it for me” instead of thinking of how their actions affect others.

Opportunities to Shine

therapeutic school for girlsFor many troubled girls, the focus at school is on social interaction and interpersonal drama. To some extent, adolescents’ obsession with what their peers think is a normal part of growing up. Unfortunately, instead of seeing school as a way to enrich themselves and prepare for adulthood, some teen girls become absorbed in who likes them or fights with whom. They also choose destructive activities as a way of gaining acceptance.

At Diamond Ranch, we think the most successful therapeutic boarding schools give young women a chance to develop their interests. When teens have ways to feel confident about themselves, they no longer define their worth by what their peers think. In addition to helping them build confidence in their academic abilities, we help teens discover new interests and explore their talents. From 4-H to theater to pottery to sports, there’s something for everyone at Diamond Ranch.

Learn More About Our Boarding School for Troubled Girls

Sending a teen away to school is a big decision in a parent’s life, especially when you feel guilty or responsible for your teen’s struggles. For many families, placing a troubled teen in a new environment helps both the girl and the other family members.


    • Attending boarding school frees girls from toxic environments, negative influences, and bad habits.
    • Teen girls can authentically define themselves without worrying about what peers think back home.
    • Families worn out by fighting or substance abuse can re-establish a zone of safety and calm.
    • Parents and siblings can heal and become whole, so they’re ready when their girl comes home again.


A World-Class Therapeutic Program for Troubled Teens

The superlatives are aplenty when parents, students, and educational consultants talk about Diamond Ranch Academy.  It truly is the diamond standard in therapeutic boarding schools.  The challenges parents face with a difficult teenager today do not need to limit the possibilities for that child tomorrow.  DRA is an industry leader in helping youth work through issues and realize their true potential. Students here become their best selves in a structured elite private school environment with a personalized therapeutic approach.

We provide specific, customized care and therapy for our students according to their gender and age. Girls have significantly more resources at Diamond Ranch than at any other therapeutic school or residential treatment center in the nation. From our beautiful and state-of-the-art facility to our division-leading sports program, students enjoy a world-class boarding school experience while also being immersed in the therapeutic milieu.  Call us to learn more about the elite therapeutic boarding school that has helped more than 3,932 families over the last two decades.

Explore Diamond Ranch by scheduling a visit or reading our free information packet. Learn why we’re different from many other therapeutic boarding schools for girls — and how we can help your family heal together.

We can also help you in your search for other homes for at-risk teen near me, military schools, schools for troubled teens, therapeutic schools, or . Diamond Ranch Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers, offering teen counseling for teens with adoption issues (reactive attachment disorders), or self-harm (self-mutilation), or cutting, or eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, anorexia nervosa). Other behavioral issues and disorders we deal with include: defiance, depression, post traumatic stress, abuse, and general anxiety. If you have an out of control teenager, please consideer the teen counseling and teen counselors for troubled teens here at DRA. If you are searching for residential treatment centers for teens, troubled teen schools, or troubled teen therapeutic boarding schools, you have found one. The non-religious therapeutic residential school for troubled teens serves at-risk teens from California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Minnesota, Utah, Washington State, Idaho, and from throughout America and Internationally.

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Diamond Ranch Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that specializes in behavorial therapy and academic issues. Age-based therapy programs for girls 12-18