Boarding School for Boys

Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Boys: FAQs

Do you have a teenage son who’s getting into trouble? If you do, a boarding school for troubled boys is an option you might be considering. Parents have many questions while considering the right therapeutic boarding school for boys. Let’s take a look at common questions parents have on their minds.

Are Schools for Troubled Boys Just an Expensive Gimmick?

Most parents have seen talk shows in which drill sergeants yell at troubled teens. Parents feel suspicious of these spectacles, and they assume troubled youth programs are nothing more than a gimmick. It’s important, however, not to lump every therapeutic boarding school into the same category. Public schools vary widely in quality around the world, and boarding schools are no different.

Because boarding school is a big investment, parents should visit individual schools and learn about them before making up their minds. The top schools offer some forms of financial aid to help parents manage tuition costs. In general, a good therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys looks more like a school than a boot camp. Teen boys should work hard and be expected to earn privileges. They should also have a structured and supportive academic environment.

What’s the Difference Between a Good School and a Bad One?

Choosing the right boarding school is a lot like choosing the right college. Some places just feel right. At the same time, there are objective criteria parents should consider when making their choices. Here are some factors to consider?

Are the Academic Classes Accredited?

Teens should have the chance to complete their treatment program without falling behind in school. Look for schools with accredited academic programs accredited academic programs with credits that transfer to other high schools and colleges.

Do Students Get Access to Qualified Therapists?

A good boarding school offers 24/7 access to an on-call therapist. Students should also participate in group therapy as well as one-on-one sessions with a caring counselor.

Do Schools Have Up-to-Date, Safe Facilities?

Some boarding schools pride themselves on offering harsh conditions for teen boys; in fact, they advertise those conditions proudly. A good school has safe, clean buildings and grounds along with constant supervision by trained staff. Students have to do their share of chores, and they often start in plainer quarters before earning their way into more comfortable rooms.

What Kinds of Extracurricular Activities Do They Offer?

There’s a lot of therapeutic value in sports, clubs, taking care of horses, and the arts. Students learn how to carry their weight within a group, and they learn to take pride in their work. All work and no play might seem like the only way to get through to a troubled teen, but teens need to learn that hard work brings rewards. They also need to find genuine reasons to feel confident so they care less about fitting in with negative influences.

Does Sending My Teen to Boarding School Make Me a Bad Parent?

It’s natural for good parents to feel they should have all the answers for why their sons are in trouble, but few parents know how to help teens who have serious mental and emotional problems. Boarding schools for troubled boys employ teachers, therapists, and staff who deal with these problems every single day. One of the most courageous things parents can do is admit they’ve run out answers and need help.

Will the Program Make a Lasting Difference?

A boarding school for troubled boys should help your teen transition successfully into adulthood. Your teen should gain new study skills, self-discipline, self-respect, and relationship skills. At the same time, success depends on two parties: the school and the teen. Boys who commit to the program and take ownership of their futures will have the most success.

As a parent, it’s your job to show interest in how your son is progressing. While your teen is away, you should take every opportunity to develop better ways of relating to your child. A good therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys offers parent training and support for reshaping toxic relationships. Take advantage of any classes, support groups, or other resources your school has to offer.

Take Action

If your son is failing school, lacks self-discipline, or shows no gratitude for what he has, it’s time to intervene. Diamond Ranch Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys set on 55 beautiful acres in scenic Utah. Request a free information packet or schedule a visit to learn more about how we can help.