Native American

therapeutic program

Diamond Ranch Academy (DRA) is a top-tier Therapeutic Boarding School located in Southern Utah. At DRA we are committed to healing Native American families and communities “one youth at a time.” We have a passion for working with Native adolescents and have built our Native program from the ground up to provide the cultural, educational, and substance abuse recovery needs of the youth we serve. We have helped thousands of youth and families since our doors opened in 1999. We recognize the importance and need for culturally informed treatment and work diligently to connect the Native youth we serve with their rich cultural heritage. We believe cultural connection forms the foundation for sobriety and healthy living. We invite you to learn more about our specialized program for Native American youth.

Our Philosophy

therapeutic boarding schoolDiamond Ranch Academy has Included a ground-breaking, culturally competent treatment program for Native American adolescents. Under the direction of Native professionals and consultants, we have designed an integrated, culturally rich program that guides students on a path of discovery and connection with their Native traditions. Students learn the skills of sobriety and healthy living through connecting with their roots and exploring the strength of their Native identity.

Calendar of Events

    • Bird Singing
    • Red Road to Sobriety Meetings
    • Sweat Lodge
    • POW-WOWS (Las Vegas, Mesquite, and Southern Utah)
    • Paiute Tribe Social POW-WOW
    • Cedar Band of Paiutes
    • Mesquite POW-WOW

Red Road to Sobriety Meetings

Red Road to Sobriety is a Native American alcohol/drug support group meeting. These meetings are held weekly.

In this environment, participants will learn
how to:

*Smudge using cedar, sage, and sweet-grass for purification purposes.

*Observe, and learn the Red Road approach to strengthen their sense of self.

*Exercise, apply tribal songs.

*Define AA Langauge and terms.

*Learn, identify and exercise traits of a supportive group member.

A Talking Circle is included to close each meeting.


(Las Vegas, Mesquite and Southern Utah

  • Paiute Tribe Social POW-WOW
  • Cedar Band of Paiutes
  • Mesquite POW-WOW


Damon Polk

therapeutic boarding schoolDamon Polk is a certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CADC II). He is an enrolled member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, and born to the Quechan Indian Nation. He grew up on the Quechan Indian Nation in Southern California.

Damon facilitates the Red Road to Sobriety/ AA Meetings, He is a certified Prime for Life Instructor, and facilitates open Bird singing, and Open Drum sessions. Damon strives to incorporate the strengths of our beautiful Native Life ways with proven treatment modalities to create opportunities for individual student success.

Roland Sun Dancer

I am a Sun Dancer, that I dance twice a year, only after having served as one of the Fire Men for five years at a second dance, not the same one where I dance. This was because my Sun Dance uncle said that I would need to return to the origin of the dance. That for my tribe my family takes care of our funeral and memorial ceremony, for which I am a singer. That I do not charge for this privilege of pouring water, but see it as an extension of my commitment to the Sun Dance. that the first dance is my home dance and is dedicated to the children, the second dance is with a man named Arvol Lookinghorse on the Cheyenne River Reservation, he is Lakota and that the Lakota Nation is where the dance originated.

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Native American

We have built our Native program from the ground up to provide the cultural, educational, and substance abuse recovery needs of the youth we serve.