Clubs / Activities

Participation in extra curricular Activities is an important addition to the lives of our youth. Teens learn skills such as teamwork and leadership through their involvement in the many clubs that we offer. The intimate setting at Diamond Ranch Academy provides more opportunities for our students than traditional school and club environments. They’re able to be a part of the cheer squad and student council. They show off their latest oil paintings and compete in art shows. They perform on stage. They work with animals. They participate in hiking, speech & debate, skateboarding, music, art and the other clubs that we encourage them to be a part of. As part of the Real-Life Transition Program, extra curricular activities at Diamond Ranch Academy are designed to enhance the student experience. DRA sponsors clubs & activities that are as unique and diverse as its student body: Art, Crochet, Golf, Music, Small Animal Management, Cooking, Skateboarding, Hiking, Fitness, Speech & Debate, Weight Lifting, Cheerleading, Creative Writing, Media and many more. Alongside their peers, youth have the opportunity to explore individual interests in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.