City League / Intramural Sports

Diamond Ranch Academy is also dedicated to providing all of our students, regardless of age, gender, skill level or past experience, opportunities to participate in city league/intramural sports in a fun and safe environment. Our program accommodates a wide range of both team and individual activities aimed at maximizing student participation. These sports are an important source of positive influence in our students’ lives and an essential part of their physical and emotional health.

City league sports offer our students the opportunity to compete in a safe and fun atmosphere. Here, these athletes learn more about themselves. They learn to become disciplined, to trust others and to be trustworthy. As our students participate in these activities they learn what it means to commit to something and be a team player. They learn to work together toward a common goal while still being accountable to rules and standards. They develop confidence and self esteem. They find joy in being actively engaged. As our students participate in these city league/intramural sports, treatment is taking place.

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