Our School

All aspects of our school are integrated and designed to be therapeutic in purpose. The Therapeutic Milieu created at Diamond Ranch facilitates the change process. Our students are on a journey of learning and emotional self-discovery at all times.

We provide an environment that inspires students to develop a lifelong love of learning and a positive plan for a future career path.

Our environment encourages emotional health. Our students learn to interact with their families and peers in a way that produces healthy relationships.

DRA students enjoy a normal, safe, structured high school experience without the negatives associated with public schools.

Our intimate setting provides considerably more opportunities for our students. They play football on Friday nights underneath the lights. They play basketball during the week. They play soccer. They are a part of the cheer squad and student council. They show off their latest oil paintings and compete in art shows. They perform on stage. They work with animals. They participate in hiking, speech & debate, woodworking, music, 4H and other clubs. They receive personalized attention in a structured setting where treatment can take place.