Our Programs

Diamond Ranch Academy is different by design. We are a premiere youth residential treatment center with elite private boarding school opportunities. Struggling teens achieve success with our personalized therapeutic approach. We have six treatment programs located on one 55-acre campus. This structure is uniquely designed to provide specific, customized care for our students in their individual programs. Each program is designed to address specific needs in an environment allowing students to connect with peers their same age and gender who are struggling with similar issues.

All aspects of our school are integrated and designed to be therapeutic in purpose. The Therapeutic Milieu created at Diamond Ranch facilitates the change process. Our students are on a journey of learning and emotional self-discovery at all times under the care of professionally licensed Mental Health Professionals.

We provide an environment that inspires students to develop a lifelong love for learning and a positive plan for a future career path. Our qualified teachers assist students in creating an individual course to advance their education.

The weakening of the concept of teaching youth to develop character and take responsibility has far-reaching consequences. Emotional health requires hard work, dedication and commitment. Unique to our school is our Character Curriculum. It is a collection of workbooks designed for the students, specific to improving character and developing practical life skills. Our Character Curriculum contains assignments from our Programming, Clinical and Academic teams and is geared towards our students’ ages and specific needs.

We take pride in our Character Curriculum. It has been specially developed by our team of professionals over the years and proven effective on many levels. We have witnessed amazing results with our students. Our Character Curriculum focuses on developing skills such as self-esteem, manners, deep thinking, basic values, self-motivation, leadership and learning, all while incorporating hands on work and interpersonal communication. We believe healthy relationships are paramount for any successful student. Our Character Curriculum revolves around relationships with parents, siblings, peers and authority figures. They learn how to overcome differences instead of avoiding them.

After students complete all of their Character Curriculum assignments, they are given the opportunity to complete an advanced leadership course. In this they learn to employ the skills they have developed and use them in order to influence others in a trusted leadership role.