Southern Utah

Zion National Park

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.
– John Muir, Our National Parks

Students at Diamond Ranch Academy enjoy being close to the natural beauty of Zion National Park, known for it’s phenomenal views and canyons. Utah’s oldest national park, Zion is a great place for hiking, biking, and generally exploring – and our kids love it!

By being outside and enjoying various exciting activities, youth gain greater appreciation for the world around them, and are better able to put their lives and challenges into perspective. Plus, there’s nothing like fresh air to invigorate learning and keep students focused! We’ve seen what a powerful impact nature can have on a teenager’s development, which is why we make exploring the beautiful scenery of Southern Utah a part of the Diamond Ranch Academy experience.

Bryce Canyon National Park

You really can’t beat the scenic beauty of Southern Utah. Another outdoor luxury that students at Diamond Ranch Academy enjoy is Bryce Canyon National Park. Though not actually a canyon, Bryce Canyon is famous for its distinct geological features, such as hoodoos (colorful pinnacles) and giant natural amphitheaters.

Students at DRA get to bask in the glory of such stunning views, and increase in learning through their experiences outdoors. We utilize the world around us to teach our youth important life values, and help them gain a greater appreciation for the planet they live on – because we understand that the best learning is done outside of the classroom. Having incredible sights such as Bryce Canyon National Park makes students’ time at Diamond Ranch Academy one they’ll never forget, for all the right reasons.

The outdoors can contribute to the therapy of your teen.