Real Life Transition Program

Experiential Living

We have created our own society where students learn through experiential living. At Diamond Ranch Academy your child will practice living real life skills in a safe environment, rich with opportunities to learn, earn, work hard and play hard.

DRA Economy

Youth today strongly desire total freedom, naive to the responsibilities associated with independence. We guide our students through the process of independent living as they learn the value of money management, budgeting, work ethic and problem solving.

How it Works

Credits achieved in school translate into symbolic degrees and wages indicative of real life. Success in school generally leads to success in life. Your child’s effort in the classroom opens the door to extra benefits and activities. This structure helps them bridge the gap between choice and accountability.

DRA $ =
…Symbolic high school diploma (2 quarter credits complete)
…Symbolic associates degree (5 quarter credits complete)
…Symbolic bachelors degree (8 quarter credits complete)
…Symbolic masters degree (11 quarter credits complete)
…Symbolic doctorate degree (14 quarter credits complete)

School is my Job. The harder I work in the classroom, the more fun I have on campus.

Work Hard & Play Hard

Part of the Diamond Ranch Academy experience involves the development of a strong work ethic. Work ethic is fostered by personal responsibilities which include: hygiene, laundry, clothing inventory and maintaining individual living areas. As students progress through their program they are entrusted with additional responsibilities. They learn to prioritize and balance school, work and leisure activities within the structured daily schedule. These skills will help your child develop self-worth and confidence.

Your child will have opportunities daily to reap the rewards of their hard work by paying for benefits, activities and amenities. All faculty members including administration participate in these activities with the students. Read more about our clubs and athletics programs.