A Day In The Life

Different By Design

Weekday Schedule

*Individual schedules may vary

  1. Personal Hygiene and Dorm Chores. (Start the day off right!)
  2. Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast
  3. Morning Classes Begin
  4. Take a Break, Get a Drink, Socialize
  5. Group Therapy Session
  6. Lunch Time (Dietitian Approved Menu)
  7. Afternoon Classes Begin
  8. Take a Break, Get a Drink, Socialize
  9. Individualized Therapy Session
  10. Sports, Clubs & Activities
  11. Creative Free-Time. Work on Character Curriculum
  12. Dinner. 6 Large Flat Screen TVs. Vintage Italian Atmosphere
  13. Sporting Events and Keynote Speakers
  14. Quiet Time. Personal Hygiene Get Ready for Bed
  15. Lights Out. Recharge for Tomorrow

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